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What’s trending

We look at what’s trending this year with home improvements and you may want to consider incorporating some of these into your design

Stoneer Cladding - With Mortar


Being environmentally conscious is becoming more at the top of people’s minds. At APC, we are taking steps towards sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Self sufficiency

Raised garden beds are increasing in popularity as people learn it’s easy to grown your own vegetables. What’s more, it’s a better choice for you and your family and helps saves you money. Plus it’s something the kids can get involved in.

Our garden blocks are perfect for creating your raised garden beds. Unlike timber that will rot over time, these blocks are made to last and look great too!

Wallstone Grande Garden Planter Block - Bondi Blend
Ledge Stone Wall Cladding | Pizza Oven crop

Living outdoors

Outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens are being incorporated into a lot of backyards as your outdoor space is an extension of your home.

They are also great for entertaining family and friends and look impressive.


Outdoor fireplaces are seen as more than just a place to warm up on the cooler nights. They are a great place to relax or retain guests plus they become a feature piece in your backyard.

You can create a simple fireplace or something more impactful. Either way, they are easier to build than you think and can be a DIY project.

Versastone firepit
Turfgrid permeable home front entrance

Permeable options

In some areas, water pooling can be a problem. Permeable paving not only helps with this problem but it also helps the environment by allowing water to infiltrate to the soil below.

They are particularly great for driveway and car parking areas.

Recycled style

Old bricks have made a comeback and the look of recycled red bricks have become popular.

Mixing modern with old is a trend we are seeing more of and our range of old bricks will complement various styles of homes.

Rustic Old Red Brick Paver

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