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Different Types of Driveway Pavers – Adelaide

Drivestone Driveway Paver - Graphite 330 x 165 Paver

Driveway pavers are so important, as it is basically the welcome mat to your entire house! With so many types of driveway pavers on the market today, there’s something for everyone, and there’s almost no excuse for anyone to have an unpaved or unsightly driveway!

There are so many pavers out there these days that are able to match and complement the colour, style, patterns and texture of any home. At APC Driveway pavers are categorised into 4 main types:

Concrete Driveway Pavers

  • Popular and cost effective. Prices vary and in this range, there is a driveway paver to suit every budget
  • Domestic driveways (50mm) or heavy duty and commercial applications (60mm) e
  • Create your own design by mixing colours together. Some pavers in this range like the Havenpave and the Havenbrick are interchangeable, making them easier to lay, less cutting.
  • Unlike poured concrete, our concrete pavers won’t crack. You cannot underestimate how much a paved driveway will lift the appearance of your property!
  • Ideal for highly reactive soils type & designed to be laid on flexible bases.
  • Huge range of colours, styles, designs and textures available.
  • Wide range of pavers including: New Drivestone exposed aggregate pavers, 60mm Hollandstone, 50mm Ecopave, Turfgrid, Flagpave, Stradapave, Havenpave, Havenbrick

Clay Driveway Pavers

  • Durable, long-lasting and won’t fade.
  • Salt resistant. Popular in coastal suburbs and towns that are close to the beach.
  • Huge range of colours
  • Slip resistant qualities
  • Ideal for driveway patterns and designs, mix the colours to create your own design.
  • Generally, only available in 50 mm brick shape for domestic driveways and 65 mm for heavy duty or commercial applications.

Large Format Driveway Pavers

  • Durable and fashionable
  • Choose slip resistant in large format driveway pavers
  • Lay with a 3 — 5 mm tile spacer.
  • Avoid lighter colours.
  • Must be a minimum of 55mm.
  • Recommended for flat driveways or driveways with little slope.
  • Limited choice with large format pavers because very few manufacturers make a driveway paver in their large format range.
Drivestone Driveway Paver - Graphite 330 x 165 Paver
Made in SA

Commercial Driveway Pavers

  • Extremely durable
  • Tried & tested over a long period of time
  • Longest lasting paver available
  • Comes in a wide variety of colours & shapes
  • Slip resistant & easy to maintain, because they do not move.
  • Wide range of pavers: Hollandstone, 80 mm Ecopave, Turfgrid, Unipave,Villastone

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