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Bluestone Marble Cobble Driveway Pavers

Bluestone Marble Cobble

Our APC Exclusive Bluestone Marble Cobble pavers have many features. Great for driveways, pathways, garden edging and fire pits. Find out more.
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Brick Paver - Charcoal

Brick Paver

The Brick Paver is an extremely versatile, lightweight & easy to install paver, which makes it a great DIY project adding visual appeal to your home.
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Carriageway Pavers

Carriageway Brick Paver

Transform your outdoor space with the timeless charm and versatility of our Carriageway Brick Paver.
Clay Driveway Pavers - Autumn Sunset

Clay Driveway Pavers

Clay Driveway Pavers are offered in a range of colours that will suit any driveway, patio, and more! Visit your local APC store for these pavers!
Commercial Brick Pavers

Commercial Brick Pavers

Commercial Brick Pavers are a traditional brick paver suitable for residential pavements and industrial hardstand pavements.
Concrete Driveway Pavers - Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Concrete Driveway Pavers

Concrete Driveway Pavers have a non-slip surface with a textured aggregate finish that is available in a great range of colours. Pick yours today!
Made in SA
Drivestone Driveway Paver - Graphite 330 x 165 Paver


Our APC Exclusive Drivestone pavers are highly durable, hardwearing and slip resistant, making them the perfect choice for driveway pavers.
Driveway Cobbles

Driveway Cobbles

Our APC Exclusive Driveway Cobbles are tumbled cobbles made from basalt, known for its strength and durability. They are lightweight and easy to handle
Havenbrick Garden Border Pavers - Charcoal 200 x 100 Pavers


Havenbrick pavers are extremely versatile, lightweight and easy to install so you can take on a DIY project with Havenbrick easily!
Heritage Clay Pavers - Brown - Driveway Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers are available in four earth tone colours that suit cottage and contemporary style homes.
Heritage Clay Pavers - Brown - Driveway Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers

Heritage Clay Pavers are available in four earth tone colours that suit cottage and contemporary style homes.
Commercial Brick Pavers Exposed Aggregate Paver with Sunstone Exposed Aggregate Border


Hollandstone is a versatile traditional brick shaped paver that is tried and tested solution for commercial pavements and industrial hardstand pavements.

Old Red Sandstock Pavers

Old Red Sandstock Pavers have a rich, earthy red tone and a textured surface. Great for driveways, garden paths, patios, garden edging and more.
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Ecopave Permeable Pavers

Permeable Brick Paver

Permeable Brick Pavers are the ideal solution for driveways and garden paths where the grass is often left muddy after rain.
Polished Old Red Brick Paver

Polished Old Red Brick Paver

Polished Old Red Brick Pavers are reclaimed red clay pavers that have a polished and smoothish finish that adds charm to any home.
$64.90 m2
Red Smooth Clay Pavers - 200 x 100 Pavers

Red Smooth Clay Pavers

Red Smooth Clay Pavers are the perfect addition to your landscaping project. Features a smooth finish, bevelled edges and rich Heritage Red colour.

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FAQ about Brick Pavers

Brick paving is generally cheaper than concrete and a lot easier to do yourself. It is easy to install so installation costs are lower compared to concrete. Brick paving is also more appealing due to their colours and patterns you can achieve so they can add value to your home. Concrete can develop unsightly cracks and are more expensive to fix or to access underground services.

Laying your pavers on sand is generally recommended, especially for areas that require drainage. You can use mortar with your pavers for areas that require less drainage but need additional strength and durability.

Depending on your project, brick paving can be done by yourself. As brick pavers are easier to handle, it makes laying them easier than larger heavier pavers. You are view our DIY Paving guide here.

Brick pavers are very popular for driveways. This is because they are available in 50mm and 60mm thickness and able to withstand an extremely high level of load bearing weight. Brick pavers do not crack like poured concrete and hold their colour better than coloured concrete. Brick pavers are cheaper than concrete and lower maintenance.

APC Has you covered for Brick Pavers in Middleton

Brick pavers are a popular choice amongst home owners and here at Australian Paving Centre Middleton – South Coast, we take pride in being a leading supplier in Middleton for all brick pavers and paving products.

Known for their versatility, low maintenance, large colour range, flexible paving pattern options and their strength and durability for driveway and pathway paving. At APC, we offer the best bricks at the best prices.

The benefit of brick pavers is that they can match traditional style homes by using our range of clay pavers and red or cream pavers. Or they can complement a more modern and contemporary look with our darker and earthy tones and paving pattern styles. Brick pavers are multi-functional and can be used for any paving project around your home.

Bricks garden edging is also a popular use for our products. Brick edging is great for a weekend DIY job.

This particular type of paving option is available in a range of materials such as clay, concrete, permeable and our new and highly popular honed traditional pavers which is an exposed aggregate brick paver.

Our brick pavers range include slip resistant options and come in 40mm, 50mm or even 60mm which is suitable for commercial paving.

Australian Paving Centre Middleton – South Coast is your source for Brick Pavers in Middleton. Australian Paving Centre Middleton – South Coast services the South Coast region including Normanville, Wirrina Cove, Mount Compass, Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, Middleton, Currency Creek, Goolwa & Hindmarsh Island.